Everyone has seen the movie scene where the hero or the victim is locked inside an airtight room, slowly running out of air and suffocating. Yikes! Except… they aren’t really running out of air. They’re actually being poisoned… CO2 poisoning to be exact. With every exhaled breath, this gas will eventually reach highly toxic levels: about 10% of the air. Then it will kill you, much sooner than your oxygen runs out.

Unfortunately, most of us sit in environments that do not replace our indoor air with fresh outdoor air continuously. When that’s the case, CO2 builds up from our exhaled breath as well as our coworkers’ or fellow students’ exhaled breaths. Now, that’s a lot of CO2!

Nope, it won’t kill you. But it will impact your cognitive function, thus impacting your productivity. Significantly so. Studies from institutes like Harvard’s Healthy Buildings show that increasing airflow at a cost of $40 per employee per year, will increase productivity at the equivalent of $6,000 over the same time!

So, do you know what the level of CO2 build-up in your building is? Contact our indoor air hygiene experts to learn more.

poor air quaility costs $10 billion per year

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