About the Indoor Air Hygiene Institute

With 500-plus cumulative years of real-life industry experience, we aim to improve the health and productivity for all who enter an indoor space and instill confidence in businesses, schools and healthcare centers to not only open but stay open. The Indoor Air Hygiene Institute is dedicated to helping buildings achieve healthier and more productive indoor spaces for occupants with the highest standard of indoor air quality. Backed by science, The Institute provides a dual-certification program, The Inside Advantage™, which achieves the highest standard of indoor air quality; 24/7 indoor air hygiene.   

Our certification program also trains, empowers and certifies your facility managers to continuously manage the indoor air hygiene in all spaces. Discover how The Institute can help improve attendance and retention, increase performance and productivity, but most importantly, create a healthier indoor environment for all.

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poor air quaility costs $10 billion per year

Certify Your Indoor Air Quality

Ensure you are taking the right steps to provide quality indoor air. Give people the confidence to return indoors.