The Inside Advantage™ ensures that hygienic air continually supports the well-being of people where they work, meet, take breaks, and congregate. By focusing on the human activity within a given space, the Indoor Air Hygiene Institute provides the counsel and the expertise needed to maintain optimal levels of indoor air hygiene. Your inside advantage is a healthier, safer and more productive indoor space.

Why The Inside Advantage™?

With certification from the Indoor Air Hygiene Institute, you will achieve two things:

  1. Positive impact on occupant health and performance.
  2. Communication and visibility of the indoor air quality (IAQ) levels reached, so occupants can feel comfortable and assured that the air in your building is healthy.

Inside Advantage Certification Program

The Inside Advantage™ is a customized certification program enabling enterprises such as schools, hospitals, senior living centers, office building complexes and other commercial indoor facilities, to continually manage their indoor air hygiene at optimal levels in order to open and stay open, achieve greater productivity and invigorate all those working, visiting and staying inside.

Health, Comfort, Productivity & Active Monitoring:

To achieve the final level, we add sensors on site to make sure the outcome meets expectations of continuous performance at indoor air excellence levels.

What We Measure

Particulate Matter
CO2 Health & Productivity
Carbon Dioxide
Total Volatile Organic Compounds
Absolute Humidity
55°F or less
PM2.5 / CO2 / Temp/RH / VOC
The Inside Advantage certification seal

Benefits of The Inside Advantage™

air quality measurement device

Strategic placement of on-site monitors that provide 24/7 feedback.

Training & Certification

Trains and certifies on-site facility managers, providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary to continuously manage hygienic levels of air quality.

certified customers listed on website

All certified building and customers will be listed on the Indoor Air Hygiene Institute website

Customers are actively promoted on LinkedIn to show the world that your building strives to provide improved air quality for occupants.

Certification plaque and communication templates provided for customers to promote their certification to their customers, employees, students and parents.

New findings and insights into IAQ science will be shared with customer to promote ongoing education and understanding.

The Process

5 steps of the evaluation process

Initial Air Quality Assessment

Initial phone screening with one of our indoor air quality professionals

Customer supplied facility(ies) information including layout and HVAC system and use

People location and concentration mapping

Assessment current state requirements for review

& Contract

Customer receives a report from assessment data and a project proposal for in-depth assessment

Customer receives a quotation for project with timeline

Upon agreement and signing, customer engages a lead staff for training and program engagement, who will become Certified Indoor Air Hygienist

& Report

Indoor air quality sensors are installed, and metrics are collected for up to 4 weeks

Thorough facility inspection with lead staff and relevant HVAC site professionals

Lead staff trained and certified

Report presented with detailing any required improvements and management plan to optimize indoor air quality

Real Time Certification

Customer certified with The Inside Advantage real time monitoring

Inside lead takes on ongoing indoor air quality monitoring, and the Institute hygienist will provide support as needed, weekly summary reports and quarterly review meetings

The Institute provides recommended air management providers if requested, to resolve any mechanical issues

Air Quality Communication

Certification emblem for display

Listing on the Institute web site as certified building

Access to a marketing toolkit to communicate that you are actively monitoring the air quality in your space

Get The Inside Advantage™ Certification

Complete the form to the left and we will have an indoor air hygienist contact you.

You will then be asked a series of questions to start the process.

Your air hygienist will guide you through the process to ensure you get certified.

poor indoor air quality can trigger asthma

Certify Your Indoor Air Quality

Ensure you are taking the right steps to provide quality indoor air. Give people the confidence to return indoors.