Whether it be a space for learning, working or simply congregating – more than ever, maintaining healthy indoor air quality is essential to create a healthier, safer and more productive environment.

Through The Inside Advantage™ Certification Program, The Indoor Air Hygiene Institute scientifically sets and certifies the highest standard for indoor air quality ensuring optimal human health and productivity. The Inside Advantage hygienists also train and certify the enterprise’s facility professionals to continually manage and ensure that the high standards of indoor air hygiene are met 24/7.

Certify Your Building

When people see The Inside Advantage™ plaque, they know that you’ve taken the steps to provide healthy and hygienic indoor air.

The Inside Advantage Seal

Health + Comfort + Productivity
+ Active Monitoring

Continuously monitor and analyze indoor air quality to ensure optimal health, comfort and productivity for inhabitants.

Successful Certifications

indoor air quality seal on front door

The Ear Nose and Throat Center of South Georgia recently received a Silver certification for Health.

“Our patients have told us the certification seal gives them peace of mind that our space is safe and that they feel more comfortable coming to our office.”

– Dr. Dozier Hood

Certify Your Indoor Air Quality

Ensure you are taking the right steps to provide quality indoor air. Give people the confidence to return indoors.

About The Institute

At the Institute we recognize that poor indoor air quality is costly and can also affect the physical and mental well-being of all building occupants. The Indoor Air Hygiene Institute is dedicated to helping businesses, schools and healthcare centers achieve healthier and more productive indoor spaces with the highest standard of indoor air quality, 24/7. 

Poor indoor air quality costs the US economy more than $10 billion annually and is also the driving force behind 50% of all illnesses. Learn more about The Inside Advantage™ Certification Program, that can lead to increased staff attendance and retention, improved performance and productivity, and most importantly, create safer, hygienic indoor air.

Because Every Breath Matters™